Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Adventures With Dan and Jenny

Dan and I visited the nation's capital this weekend. It was lovely until the rain came. We spent a few hours at the the Natural History Museum and then made our way over to the American History Museum. In order to do so we had to buy poncho's that cost more than my first born child; however, it was worth it to be a little bit more dry than had we not. Ironically, we have a plethora of rain coats and umbrellas at home getting no use.

Some of the highlights of our trip were Julia Child's Kitchen as well as the Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers from The Wizard of Oz (saw them a few months back but this time I got a picture)

And a very funny story, albeit not quite as funny as the last time we went and Dan "talked" with the squirrel that attacked him, happened as follows:

A random mother and son were walking through the exhibits:

Boy: What's this?

Mom: I dunno, what does it say?

Boy: I dunno, I can't read! (With his cute speech impediment, it came out more like "I dunno, I can't weed")

So funny!

Also, we ate at the Good Stuff Eatery ( Chef Spike from Season 4 of Top Chef's very own burger joint!

It was yummy and the atmosphere was what you would expect from a TV icon. I highly recommend it.
Also, we became a walking advertisement for the Smithsonian since our ponchos had it written all over it. We had about 10 or so people ask us where we got them. I am no kidding, almost everyone who past us while we were wearing them inquired. That was pretty funny.
All in all, a great time and I am so gosh darn proud I actually blogged about it!
Until next time.

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